False Idols

by False Idols

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This was originally suppose to be a full album but after well over a year of trying, I give up. This is as far as I got. I hope you enjoy.


released September 3, 2016

Matt Gibson - Lyrics, instrumentals, ect.
RJ - Let me borrow his guitar for track 1. Thank you, RJ.



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False Idols Chicago, Illinois

Punk rock?


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Track Name: You Don't Owe Me Anything
I treat my body like a rental space and these bones are rotting homes
The paints chipped off the memories are lost on the faded spots
Last time we talked, oh, things were looking bad
You said you were going away, well, it seems like that's where everyone's going these days
And I know I'm gonna miss you when you're gone
I'm sorry I was so entitled all long

You don't owe me anything
You don't owe anything to anyone
Track Name: SK8ORD13
I wanna sing you a different song, but the words are stuck somewhere in my head
I wanna sing you a different song, but it'd sound all wrong
And I'll never say single
It'll never make it past my throat because
I wasn't made to be anything to anyone
The melody rots in my head
Like a graveyard for the dead things
I could've said I could've said

Someday you'll be much happier than you are right now
Quit wondering what they're talking about
It doesn't matter much, no
And my eyes never leave the ground anymore
Quit wondering what they're talking about because
I'm happier when I'm alone
When the alternative is a grandiose statement
That doesn't mean anything to anyone

-Muthafuckin' Guitar solo-

I'm always falling for the same shit again and again
I can never explain why it is, but I keep it to myself
I keep it to myself
Track Name: IMMF
How have you been I still can't keep my hands still
I miss my friends that I don't see much of anymore
Do you remember December? I couldn't stay in one place for too long
Now I can't move my blistered feet anymore
I miss My friends that I don't see much of anymore

I'm always complaining about some dumb shit in the back seat of your car
I can't seem to keep my balance I can't seem to go too far
Apathetic conversations some traditions never die
So idly persistent can we break what keeps us tied
There's a future where this made sense there's a future where we die
There's a present where we still talk there's a past that I fucked up
I miss my friends that I don't see much of anymore